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Duplicate Keys Service

If there is one thing that always ends up getting lost or misplaced, it’s a key. Whether it’s a key to your bedroom, your gate, your front door, your office, or even your car, there’s a good chance you will find yourself locked out of the room because you can’t find your keys.

The best solution to this is to always have a duplicate wherever you go. It’s a convenient way to make sure that you will always be able to access your space even if you lose the original key. And what better way to get a copy of your key than asking for help from our professional locksmith? At State Locks and Keys, we have the solutions for you so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Is it necessary to rekey your locks?

Rekeying your locks is always an option but it is not something that is necessary. It is up to the customer’s discretion if you would like to rekey all the locks at home or in your office and have just one master key for more restricted access.

This service is different from having your key duplicates made, which means you can be charged an extra service rate for the rekeying. But we’ll be happy to entertain questions and give other plausible options according to your needs and preferences when you give us a call or when our locksmith visits your location.

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Can I get a duplicate key for my car?

With State Locks and Keys, you won’t have problems getting a duplicate for your car key. As car owners ourselves, we know it often happens that car keys get broken or start malfunctioning. There are various reasons for this but one thing remains consistent: having a duplicate is a lifesaver.

With our duplicate keys service, we can fashion out an extra or a replacement key for your car in less than an hour. It doesn’t matter what model you drive or which make and manufacture year it is from. Our expert technicians can carve out a new one for you and make sure it’s working with your car’s security system.

Cutting down on costs with a locksmith duplicate keys service

If you are looking to get your car keys duplicated by our professional locksmith, you can be sure that you are significantly less money than you normally would be if you choose to go to your local dealer.

For one, there is no need for you to have your car towed to the dealership. In case you get locked out of your car or you are unable to turn the ignition due to problems with the key, we’ll be the ones to go to your location to work on your request.

Our rates are also cheaper than most and there are no markups or hidden charges. You can be confident that the price quotation you were given remains the same after the job is completed. Plus, our 24-hour service allows you to get the problem fixed immediately, reducing the disruption to your schedule the following day.

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What is State Locks and Keys

State Locks and Keys is the leading professional locksmith company in Miami. We provide solutions to all your locksmith needs whether it be automotive, commercial, or residential. We can help you with our duplicate keys service or work on other requests that you may have.

We have a reputation for being one of the best in the business because of the quality of service that we provide to each of our customers. With a team composed of licensed and bonded technicians, we can address locksmith problems without a hitch.

We also guarantee customer satisfaction, which can be proven by honest reviews from our previous clients. At State Locks and Keys, we always strive to perform beyond the expectation of our customers regardless if you are a returning client or a new one.

But most importantly, we keep our prices affordable and always within reason. To encourage more people to avail of our professional duplicate keys service and other locksmith solutions, we make sure that our rates remain competitive.

How to schedule a service request?

Since all our services are available 24/7, we are able to provide solutions to our customers almost instantly. We always have locksmiths at the ready so we can complete your service request as soon as possible. As a result, we hardly have any backlogs and our schedules are often clear.

In this regard, there is no special process that you should undergo to schedule a service request at State Locks and Keys. All you need to do is send an email, fill out the form on our website, or give us a call for immediate assistance. Our staff will be happy to pencil book your request until you decide to finalize the schedule. You are also free to ask for a price quotation so you can better gauge our services before making an order.

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