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Window Gates Installation Service

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Window Gates Installation Service

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. And if you decide to add window gates to them, it need not be said that you have to make sure they are in the correct size and form. This means needing the help of our professional to make the measurements prior to the actual window gates installation service.

Child-proofing your home with custom window gates

For customers who are looking for a cost-effective way to keep their children safe at home, especially their bedrooms, adding gates to their windows is something that should be considered. It’s great if you don’t want to completely block the view outside while still achieving its purpose of keeping your child out of harm’s way.

Window gates are also ideal if you live in an apartment unit on the upper floors of the building and are worried about toddlers, or if you live alone and just want an extra layer of protection in your place. It’s also great if you have pets that might be in danger if your windows do not have any sort of barrier.

Window Gates Installation Service

Reinforced windows for your shop

The same level of protection is what you get if you choose to have a window gates installation service for your workplace or a shop that you own. It’s often used as a protective cover to protect air conditioning units as well, especially if you are in a neighborhood that’s not very safe.

But aside from its safety benefits, window gates also contribute to the aesthetics of a place. If you want your shop or office to exude a unique charm, you might want to consider adding these metal barriers to your property.

Wide variety of designs available

State Locks and Keys offers a wide variety of designs should you choose to push through with the window gates installation service. We have a list of brands, styles, and materials that you can select from to find what suits your preference.

You can request a catalog to be sent to your email if you prefer to choose from our collection of window gate designs or have a technician bring the list to you in person. To make it more convenient, you can do the selection on the day our workers visit your place to get the measurements of your windows. Feel free to ask us for a quotation so you have an idea of the total costs of the service.

Quick experience
Professional technicians will work on your request

At State Locks and Keys, you can be sure that the person working on your installation request is a professional. We have a stringent hiring process where we meticulously screen applicants to find the best professionals for our team.

All our locksmiths are licensed, bonded, and highly trained for the job. We make sure that our staff members undergo intensive training before deploying them in the field. This allows us to provide nothing but high-quality service to our customers.

More than the technical skill, our specialists are also honest, transparent, and respectful. You won’t have problems with our staff encroaching on your personal space while they work. You also wouldn’t encounter our technicians asking you to pay more than what’s initially quoted by our staff.

Quick and hassle-free window gates installation service

Should you choose to have your window gates installed by State Locks and Keys, you are guaranteed not only with high-quality service but also a quick and hassle-free booking and installation process. Our quick response team works hard to respond to customer queries in the least amount of time possible, which in turn allows us to send our technicians on the road within minutes after your call.

Our services are also offered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, plus we have a large pool of expert locksmiths ready to work on your request anytime. This means that we hardly any have backlogs and we can attend to your request even on the same day.

Call State Locks and Keys for the best rates

More than the quality of our service and the professionalism of our staff, there is one more thing that places State Locks and Keys on a different level than our competitors. It’s none other than our service rates.

We made it our mission to keep our locksmith services accessible to as many people as we could in the city of Miami. We want to be able to cater to the needs of locals regardless of where they are located in the city. This is one of the reasons why we decided to offer our services 24/7 and also why we work hard in keeping our prices reasonable and affordable.

You won’t find other locksmith businesses in the area with service rates that are lower than ours. Simply, because they do not exist. We maintain the competitiveness of our prices without compromising the quality of our service and that is something you won’t get from other locksmiths.

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